About My Work

I am currently painting, reupholstering, staining, refinishing, and even building furniture and home accents. I use a variety of techniques and materials to accomplish varied finishes. Materials range from latex paint, to chalk paint, to Unicorn Spit, to stain. To bring out dimension and highlight architecture, I often apply a layer or two of glaze or tinted wax. Some of my pieces feature additional embellishments such as raised stenciling, lettering. or decorative molding. As I continue to learn and grow as an artist, I will be incorporating more techniques into my work. All of my furniture pieces are finished with at least 2-4 coats of polyurethane for durability. I have also done epoxy coatings. Table and chest tops all feature a hand rubbed finish to provide a very smooth texture that feels as nice as it looks.

Additionally, my fabric work includes light upholstery, custom work, and My Baggage (durable totes, purses, purse organizers, and yoga bags). 

My goal is to offer uniquely artistic pieces that will endure.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about my work.